Where do Motivation comes from?

Today I found Passion, People and Principles by David Maister because of a post called Why Are Some People So Motivated?, which put in my mind the question…Where do Motivation comes from?

The blog, obviously, in a new adition to my feedreader, and that and other post are five stars.

But, about my question… Where do motivation comes from?

It’s was always known that some people try harder and harder to improve, and never give up, and other just let it be, keeps it at the competent level, and do try to go over that.

It’s now known that this is consequence of a internal will, that push people ahead. The question that remains is if it’s possible to light that fire, that passion for improvement, or if it’s born with you or not, and nothing can be done to change that status.

David says that he thinks it is a mixed thing, that a good leader can light that fire in those around them. But what happens if he stop pushing more and more wood to the fire, if the leader stop managing the motivation in those not selfmotivated?

Probably they will go back to the competent level and keep there.

And that is the main diference of the selfmotivated people, they know how to keep the motivation level high, so they keep pushing themself to new improvement levels all the time.

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