Animals are our friends

Cute OverLoad

Cute OverLoad is a blog about cute animals photos. They have animals doing the most strange poses, doing funny things, laid in the more unthinkable ways… It’s a must see.


Adorablog is a blog about animals, with photos, mas also with stories about animal live.


acorn is an abbreviature for American Camera Organized Rodent Network. Acorn could be a network of rodent photographs… see more in flickr, in the Photographing Squirrels set.

Neko Rukia

Rukia is a female cat, who started a new blog this days, where she puts photos of herself, her barelly born kids, and even some of her human slaves. Her blog is named Neko Rukia.

Kitten War

Kitten War is a website where cat slaves can upload their masters photos, and users can choose between every two pictures which they prefer.

Stuff on my Cat

Stuff on my Cat have cats photos where something unusual is around the cat. It can be other animals, or just stuff, like CDs and other things alike.


PandaFix is a blog about pandas, those little “bears”, usually white and black.

the Daily Puppy

the Daily Puppy is a blog where every day the editor makes a small photo post of puppies, sometimes with bigger dogs, others alone.

the Daily Kitten

the Daily Kitten is a blog where every day the editor makes a small photo post of kitten.

Baby Animalz

Baby Animalz is a gallery with baby animals photos.

Well folks, that’s it for today. If you like this I’m sure you’ll find some more to post here on the comments. I’ll, obviously moderate everything.

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