Some oldies and not that much

After a long afternoon reading old feeds I have now just 1100 posts fo check. No, I don’t read them all, but I read at least the teaser (if the feed have the teaser), or the first sentences in every post, from every feed.
In my akregator, two folder usually take me more time, and are, in consequence, the ones I let to the end. And the ones that most frequently are left unread. Those 1100 posts are all in this two folders, Entrepreneurs and Internet.

This posts I’m presenting you today are from the Entrepreneurs folder, and the most recent one was written in September 29th, 2006.

Motivating others: why “it’s good for you” doesn’t work

Kathy Sierra, from Creating Passionate Users frequently have very interesting posts on getting passion from your users, about how to create an enhanced experience for them.

But this post is about something a bit diferent. This time she don’t tell us how to get our users to interact with us, but how to get them to really do what we want them to do, how to motivate them into action, not just smile and congratulate us about the great post, the great presentation, but really motivate them to get into action, do whatever we want them to do.

The Post is called Motivating others: why “it’s good for you” doesn’t work.

What defines an exceptional leader

Lee Iwan, from Lee Iwan, Accumulated Experience is a Mexican Business consultor, that writes mostly about this Mexican experience on managing bussinesses in Mexico, including some International ventures.

But a good part of Lee posts are generic enough to count as experiences and information to most of us.

That’s the case with the post What defines an exceptional leader, that he published in september 6th.

It’s not a definitive manual or check list, but he makes a few point we can think about anyway.

That’s all for tonight, folk.

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